Career guidance assessment

A career assessment is designed to assist students to make an informed decision regarding their career path post matric. Often times, decisions are made for the wrong reasons or with the incorrect information. This can result in drop outs or switching of courses which can lead to a lot of frustration and anxiety not to mention wasted time and money.

When you complete a career assessment, you will complete a personality, interest, aptitude and values assessment. The way these assessments are answered gives a comprehensive picture of you as a person. This information with the information gained from a one-on-one narrative consultation are discussed. The aim of a career assessment is always to learn more about yourself so that you will be able to make an informed decision regarding your career.

Subject choice assessment

The subjects chosen for Grade 10 are the minimum requirements when applying to a tertiary institution. Once these subjects are chosen it is often difficult to change and will determine which qualification you will be eligible to apply for.

When you complete a subject choice assessment, you will complete a personality and interest assessment. This information, along with your school results, are discussed. The aim of a career assessment is to determine the best subjects for you to take in high school. Having the correct subjects will allow you to apply for your chosen field of study and pursue the career of your choice.

Career development assessment

Geared towards working adults who may be at a cross roads in their careers or just need a little guidance to further their desired career goals.

The career development assessment, consists of a personality, interest and values assessment. This information together with the information gained from an initial consultation are then discussed in a feedback session.

Psycho-educational assessment

There can be many reasons why a leaner struggle academically. However, when learners are not assisted early on, they may struggle to keep up with their peers and schooling can become a very frustrating task.

When you complete a psycho-educational assessment, you will complete a cognitive assessment. Areas of strength and weaknesses can then be discerned and recommendations are made. Together with the cognitive assessment, reading ability, spelling, and maths are assessed. The aim of the psycho-educational assessment is to determine if there is evidence of a learning barrier and to provide options if there are.

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