Taking a career assessment as an adult.

Cassandra Layman – Managing Consultant at 5one – A MasterCard Company

I approached Nicole with the objective of validating whether my career path was still in alignment to my skill set, passions and values. It’s important to me to manage my career and constantly reflect. Employing Nicole’s services, was a pivotal moment for me in understanding the next 3-5 years and mapping out my future path. Having many more years of working experience than the typical tester who was fresh out of university or still in high school, I was cautiously optimistic about the outcome.

Nicole assessed my needs and was able to recommend a series of tests, that would best suit my career objectives at this stage of my working life. I was thoroughly impressed with Nicole’s level of professionalism, the depth of insight and interpretation that she applied to my test results and also her perceptive and intuitive nature, which was an obvious natural strength of hers and will most likely set her practice apart in this industry. Furthermore, she was very prompt in delivering her feedback post the initial testing day, workshopping the results with you personally. At the end of the consultation, I was left with a detailed report for future reference.

I would recommend Nicole for any young learner on their way to understanding where to pitch their career, but also strongly recommend this service to working professionals in their fields. In a world, where people are changing careers quite frequently, or forced into new careers due to economic pressures, the knowledge that these tests will equip you with, can most definitely help to navigate the next steps in your career management.