As a psychometrist, I have a special interest in the education sector and work predominately with learners in the areas of career counselling, subject choice selection, and psycho-educational assessment.dsc_0431-2_edited

Early intervention in areas of career guidance and learning difficulties can reduce a lot of stress and frustration. When left too late, it can be difficult to get onto the right career path or catch up with lost time.

Unfortunately, these services are not always possible to many students / learners due to many constraints.

Some of the benefits of completing an assessment include:

  • Making the correct subject choices in high school for future studies.
  • Financial saving for Parents/Caregivers or students themselves, as learners are able to make better choices for study / career path, thereby not spending excessive time (at a great cost) at a learning institution.
  • Reduction in drop-out rate of tertiary institutions, due to correct choices being made with regard to career path.