As a psychometrist, I have a special interest in the education sector and work predominately with learners in the areas of career counselling, subject choice selection, and psycho-educational assessment.dsc_0431-2_edited

Early intervention in areas of career guidance and learning difficulties can reduce a lot of stress and frustration. When left too late, it can be difficult to get onto the right career path or catch up with lost time.

Unfortunately, these services are not always possible to many students / learners due to many constraints.

Some of the benefits of completing an assessment include:

  • Making the correct subject choices in high school for future studies.
  • Financial saving for Parents/Caregivers or students themselves, as learners are able to make better choices for study / career path, thereby not spending excessive time (at a great cost) at a learning institution.
  • Reduction in drop-out rate of tertiary institutions, due to correct choices being made with regard to career path.

Taking a career assessment as an adult.

Cassandra Layman – Managing Consultant at 5one – A MasterCard Company

I approached Nicole with the objective of validating whether my career path was still in alignment to my skill set, passions and values. It’s important to me to manage my career and constantly reflect. Employing Nicole’s services, was a pivotal moment for me in understanding the next 3-5 years and mapping out my future path. Having many more years of working experience than the typical tester who was fresh out of university or still in high school, I was cautiously optimistic about the outcome.

Nicole assessed my needs and was able to recommend a series of tests, that would best suit my career objectives at this stage of my working life. I was thoroughly impressed with Nicole’s level of professionalism, the depth of insight and interpretation that she applied to my test results and also her perceptive and intuitive nature, which was an obvious natural strength of hers and will most likely set her practice apart in this industry. Furthermore, she was very prompt in delivering her feedback post the initial testing day, workshopping the results with you personally. At the end of the consultation, I was left with a detailed report for future reference.

I would recommend Nicole for any young learner on their way to understanding where to pitch their career, but also strongly recommend this service to working professionals in their fields. In a world, where people are changing careers quite frequently, or forced into new careers due to economic pressures, the knowledge that these tests will equip you with, can most definitely help to navigate the next steps in your career management.


Taking the leap from high school to tertiary studies, and from tertiary studies to the working world is very exciting, but more often than not, it’s extremely daunting. Different people take this step in different ways. Some know with absolute certainty where they want to go, but for others, it’s not that easy.

Self-awareness plays an important role in this decision-making process. Who you are; how you think and process information, what type of information you enjoy, what environment you thrive in, situations which drive you absolutely nuts; all these and so much more is what makes you, you, and what determines your happiness and success in a job.

One of the assessments I use in my practice is the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Inventory). This assessment is helpful in determining inborn predispositions (or natural tendencies). By understanding your inborn predispositions, you are able to harness your strengths (and work on underdeveloped areas) and become productive where you are at in any stage of your life.

The reason I do what I do is to help students who are struggling to understand themselves (why they do what they do and think the way they think), to understand themselves better. To show them that when they understand who they are, they are in a better position to be able to choose a career which suits them best which in turn can result in a successful and happy career life.

For more information on the MBTI see the video below. This video was created by OPP which is part of CPP – The Myers Briggs® Company